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Black diesel fuel bleaching equipment

Black diesel fuel bleaching equipment

The system is designed to bleach all types of black middle distillate fractions, pyrolysis oil ,heating oil, as well as used industrial oils. Due to its design abilities, the system can work not only on liquid chemical additives, but also on bleacheng clay in the complex. Included with the reactor:

  • 1. Plastic conic capacity reactor of 1100 liters
  • 2. Centrifugal pump, company Calpeda 4 KW . Pressure 5.5 Bar.
  • 3. Dual static mixer (for add sulfuric acid in the stream)
  • 4. Homogenizer (for mixing in the reactor)
  • 5. Pump dosege, company Seko (for input additives)
  • 6. Stainless steel piping
  • 7. Oil centrifuge Separator (to remove residual acid dust or bleaching clay)
  • 8. Electrical box

System capacity from 5,000 liters to 10,000 liters per day, depending on the product used.

The equipment is designed in a modular design, which allows it to be used without additional investments.

The static mixer is two-stage

Designed to mix fuel (oil) in the flow. The injected reagents are uniformly introduced and mixed due to the pressure difference in the injector chamber. The mixer operates in a wide range of viscosities. It is an analog of cavitators but has a number of advantages.

  • 1. The treated liquid does not disperse, as a result of which sulfuric acid does not react.
  • 2. Throughput 8-10 cub.m
  • 3. Working pressure from 5 to 8 atmospheres.


Designed for operation in reactors from 1000 to 3000 liters. Produces effective mixing with different reagents, also works with liquids containing abrasive materials (bleaching clay). Works in different viscosity ranges, working pressure 5-8 atmospheres.

Jet separator JS-5

A two-phase centrifuge is designed to separate mechanical and colloidal particles from oil (fuel) up to 1 micron. It is used when using aggressive media (removal of residual acid dust after use of sulfuric acid).

  • Works in a wide range of viscosity.
  • Dirt holding 6.5 Litrs.
  • Working pressure from 5 bar to 8 bar.
  • At a pressure of 5 bar, the rotor speed is 3500 rpm.

Recommended pump parameters:
- Pressure from 5 bar to 8 bar
- Throughput of up to 5 m3 per hour


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